Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

Customized Service Plan

Let a customized service and action plan help you in organizing your sales tax and payroll to achieve your financial goals. Bookkeeping and accounting services are always more than balancing the books. As your business advisors, your needs and goals are extremely important to us. Our passion is to provide a truly customized, professional, and confidential service to you and your company.

High Quality Month End and Year End Files

We offer full cycle bookkeeping including A/P, A/R services, payroll, personal tax services, and cash flow analysis. You and your CPA also expect high quality working paper files. The CPA appreciates a great working paper file in order to perform better in what they are engaged to do. As a result, a Certified Professional Bookkeeper (CPB) is essential to this very important process.

Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

Current business trends indicate that outsourcing facets of your business, such as bookkeeping, is more efficient, economical and reliable. The internal management of the bookkeeping functions and staff utilization can be challenging. Your time in the business may be better spent “on your business”.

Analyzing and Achieving Your Financial Goals

As Certified Professional Bookkeepers we are your Business Specialists. Higher levels of business success require that you understand your business numbers. Specifically, this means reviewing cash flow projections, financial statements (historical & projected), and your business’s KPIs (key performance indicators). Let us help you to understand what the numbers indicate throughout the year to formulate an action plan toward achieving financial goals.

Preparing For Your Lending Needs

Lenders look at your financial statements & KPIs to assess and approve business loan applications. Imagine the increased confidence you will have before that loan application process starts. You’ll know, in advance, what lenders are looking for.

Government Compliance

Government compliance doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Sales tax and payroll are two of the basic compliance areas most businesses need to address and keep current. Therefore, let us help you by performing certain reviews and to implement systems to monitor compliance. Click here for more GST information.

Questions? Visit our FAQ page or contact us today to book a free consultation for your bookkeeping and acconting services, so we can provide you a customized service plan!